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I Don’t Know

A hilarious comedy that explores a young man’s inner turmoil.


Directed by Veronika Bolotina, from a script by Bolotina & Jacob Eriksson, ‘I Don’t Know’ is a short comedy film that explores a young man’s inner turmoil during a text message exchange. The film delves into the social anxiety that taints the modern-day teenager, sparked by the rise of social media and advancing technology. Ryan Wichert leads the cast as Jerry, with Kathleen Renish as the human embodiment of the Universe. An entrancing, albeit outlandish comedy that will resonate with many.

The 12-minute satire opens with Jerry transfixed to his smartphone – bumping into by-passers on his way home. Once home, his anxiety ripens when his friend and potential crush fails to instigate further conversation via text message. Jerry’s vexation towards the Universe takes the film out-of-this-world (quite literally). Jerry is faced with an up-hill battle of his varied thoughts, which are showcased with physically identical versions of himself.

Production design and visual effects are second-to-none for a short film production. High praise to Hao Pung Wo (Production Designer) and Mark Scott (VFX Artist) for bringing Bolotina’s astonishing imagination to life. Cinematography by Andy Justus is equally commendable – rewarding viewers with an authentic cinematic quality. Narratively, the plot is profoundly entertaining and exhilarating with captivating characterization. Ryan Wichert delivers a remarkable portrayal as the varied interpretations of Jerry – an admiral performance from start to finish. Veronika Bolotina (Writer/Director) excels yet again. A consummate filmmaker to keep an eye on. Highly recommended.

I Dont Know Short Film


Runtime: 13 min

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