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True Colors

A heartening documentary about giving an artistic voice to individuals with cognitive disabilities.


Directed by Zen Pace, ‘True Colors’ is a short documentary film that highlights the incredible work at Artshare, a voluntary program that gives an artistic voice to individuals with cognitive disabilities. The film stars Edgardo Velez, the program coordinator, and showcases the inspiring creativity produced by the students. A charming documentary that will inspire and break down disability stigma.

The 3-minute film opens with volunteer Edgardo Velez, who educates the viewer about the foundation of the program and its purpose. Individuals with cognitive disabilities can struggle to communicate and/or express their emotions. Artshare (a program within Heartshare) encourages artistic expression through contemporary art – with astonishing results. Edgardo deserves high praise for his voluntary efforts – a champion to be commended.

Shot in 16mm film, the quality and tone of the documentary is cinematically astonishing, aiding the art work finely. Sound, editing and music wrap up a high-quality finish. Zen Pace and the entire production crew deserve merit for producing such a hearting piece of filmmaking. Viewers will certainly be enchanted by the awe-inspiring artistic results and to learn about the difference the program makes to the mentally disadvantaged. A must watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 3 min

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