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An eccentric tale of criminality with a comical underbelly.


Jad Roux’s short mystery film delivers a unique and intriguing experience delving into the enigmatic criminality of a young woman portrayed by Manon Peiro. With its dark humor and eccentricity, the film takes viewers on an unexpected journey through a comical underbelly of crime.

The plot revolves around a car-jacking and a rather peculiar shooting of a pizza-maker, which results in the protagonist absconding with a Dwarf gnome. This psychopathic tale is cleverly crafted, leaving the audience both puzzled and amused as they witness the protagonist’s bizarre actions unfold.

One standout aspect of the film is the remarkable cinematography by Grégoire Ohnet. The awe-inspiring landscape photography adds an extra layer of visual stimulation to the narrative. Each frame is carefully composed, capturing the essence of the location and enhancing the overall atmosphere of the film.

Although deliberately vague, the narrative leaves room for interpretation. It hints at a possible sequel or continuation, inviting viewers to speculate on the unknown elements and eagerly anticipate what might come next for the enigmatic young woman.

Despite the absence of dialogue, the acting in the film is respectable. Manon Peiro delivers a compelling performance, capturing the essence of her character through nuanced expressions and actions. The lack of dialogue adds to the film’s mystery, allowing the audience to read between the lines and engage actively with the storytelling.

Jad Roux’s short mystery film is a thought-provoking and entertaining piece of work. With its dark humor, eccentric plot, and expertly executed cinematography, it stands as a testament to the director’s creativity and vision. Viewers will find themselves both chuckling and questioning the protagonist’s motives, caught up in the peculiar world Roux has crafted.



Runtime: 5 min
Genre: ,

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