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Rock Bottom

A drama that explores the personal struggles of a father and son.


Directed by Dominique Pierre, from a script by Pierre & Adrian Young, ‘Rock Bottom’ is a short drama film that delves into the personal struggles of a father and his son. The film, starring Prince Baker and Brian Dives, explores themes of bullying and unemployment. Set in New York City, ‘Rock Bottom’ acts as a salient reminder that positive change can come from being in the pitfalls of life.

The 4-minute film opens with Jayden (Prince Baker), where he is overwhelmed by loneliness and bulling at school. Meanwhile, across the city, Jayden’s father Malik (Brian Dives) has just been discharged from his long-standing construction job. With an eviction notice attached to their apartment, Jayden and Malik find solace in each other to restart their lives.

Dominique Pierre and Adrian Young have created a poignant drama that will bring audience empathy throughout. Prince Baker and Brian Dives deliver exceptional performances that deserve high praise. The film could easily be interpreted as an opening sequence to a feature length drama, primarily due to its open-ended conclusion. Cinematography is outstanding from start to finish, particularly the aerial drone footage of New York City. Editing, sound and music are equally commendable. Viewers will be left wanting a continuation of the drama. A fine short worth watching. Highly recommended.

Rock Bottom Short Film


Runtime: 5 min
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