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An eccentric sci-fi tale with a musical underbelly.


Vincent Aliperti’s music-themed sci-fi film set on the desolate planet of Evoba is journey into eccentricity and imagination. Starring Aliperti himself and Mike Stillman, the narrative revolves around a robot’s desire to relocate to Earth. To make this dream a reality, the robot taps into Earth’s culture with the help of a valuable mineral, leading to a series of entertaining and charming moments.

The film’s characterizations and production design exude an eccentric flavor that adds to its whimsical charm. From the robot’s endearing musical aspirations to the outlandish charisma of the supporting character, each role is brought to life with humor and sincere performances. The creative and colorful costumes and set designs further enhance the film’s distinct atmosphere, immersing the audience in a truly imaginative world.

The cinematography and special effects in this short film are commendable, creating a visually striking experience throughout. The desolate landscape of Evoba, along with the fantastical elements introduced, are captured beautifully by the cinematographer, adding layers of depth to the storytelling.

Segments of musicality within the film are an absolute delight. The integration of music into the narrative provides an extra layer of entertainment, enhancing the atmosphere and bringing joy to the viewer. The film not only entertains with its comedic moments but also taps into themes of aspirations, dreams, and desires, leaving the audience with a heartwarming and uplifting experience.

Overall, Vincent Aliperti’s short sci-fi film is a uniquely captivating and funny piece of cinematic art. With its imaginative world-building, commendable production design, and wonderful performances, the film manages to immerse viewers into a playful and aspirational story that will leave a smile on their faces long after the credits roll.

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Runtime: 10 min
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