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An experimental dance film with a gritty tale of karma.


In the realm of experimental filmmaking, Kai Kurve’s six-minute dance film takes viewers on an immersive journey through the intricate realms of retribution and karma. Through the captivating performance of Piotr Simba Abramowicz as a narcissistic criminal, this visually stunning piece explores the protagonist’s gripping pursuit of redemption.

Symbolized by a persistent fly, Abramowicz’s character faces punishing retribution for his past wrongdoings and mistreatment. As he attempts to fend off the irritating insect, the dance unfolds as an extraordinary metaphorical battle against his inner demons. With each gracefully executed movement, Abramowicz’s captivating dance performance mesmerizes, effortlessly conveying the weight of his character’s haunting dilemma.

The choice of Moderat’s evocative track ‘Porc #1’ adds a compelling layer to the film’s overall ambiance. Its resonating tones align beautifully with the thematic tone, greatly enhancing the immersive experience.

Behind the scenes, the production design impresses with its intricate craftsmanship, expertly immersing audiences in a believable world. Cinematographer Julian C. Steiner’s skillful execution embraces the choreography, ensuring every shot is visually captivating and compelling.

‘Cornerboy’ may not appeal to those unaccustomed to the experimental genre. However, for those who appreciate the interplay between dance, symbolism, and visual storytelling, Kurve’s creation is a mesmerizing artistic achievement. Its thought-provoking exploration of retribution reverberates long after the final credits roll.

Cornerboy Short Film


Runtime: 6 min

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