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Swipe Right

A hilarious comedy that takes an extreme look at the online dating world.


Written and directed by Corbin Schweitzer, ‘Swipe Right’ is a short comedy that takes a farcical look at the world of online dating. Ryan Stathos leads the cast as Andrew, an inept bachelor who’s careless scheduling results in three dates at the same time. Additional cast include; Adara Toop (Arylin), Larissa Schmitz (Cassy), Veronica Long (Becca) and Taylor Tunes (Diana). The entire film is set in real time and filmed in one continuous shot. A technical triumph with hilarity throughout.

The 9-minute film opens with Andrew in the midst of a bar-date with Arylin – a pessimist who loathes the online dating scene. As Arylin nips to the bathroom, a spirited Becca arrives – taking her spot at the table. Whilst Becca retreats to the bathroom, Cassie enters – free from her hectic schedule. Andrew’s anxious state-of-play will reward viewers with a ton of belly laughs and a climactic conclusion.

High praise to Jeremiah Kaynor (Cinematographer) – his awe-inspiring filming coordination is second-to-none. Corbin Schweitzer (Writer/Director) has created a blazing piece of filmmaking that should be commended, both artistically and technically. A riveting narrative that captivates from start to finish. The clever use of a real-time narrative, coupled with one single continuous shot, makes for anxious/theatrical viewing. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min

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