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A coming-of-age drama that explores identity, sexuality and friendship.


In her evocative and tender coming-of-age drama, director Julia Ponce Díaz captures the essence of a young woman’s growing fascination with a newfound friend. With Cassandra Due delivering a compelling performance as the central character, Lucie, and Kyla Dyan shining as Mia, Lucie’s enigmatic friend, this film delicately explores themes of sexuality and the yearning for acceptance.

Written by Díaz and Amanda Lucido, the narrative skillfully intertwines Lucie’s journey of self-discovery with her desire to belong. Set against the stunning backdrop of rural California, the film immerses viewers in Lucie’s world as a foreign student craving connection. The limited dialogue serves the story well, allowing the characters’ emotions and nuanced performances to guide the narrative.

What sets this film apart is its ability to captivate without relying on fast-paced or sensational elements. Instead, Díaz crafts a slow-moving yet deeply meaningful story that unfolds with grace and subtlety. The deliberate pacing creates a meditative atmosphere, offering an invitation to reflect on the characters’ motivations and emotions. This delicate approach amplifies the impact of Lucie’s journey, making it relatable and powerful.

Bryce Holden’s cinematography is impeccable – augmenting the visual impact of the film. The compositions contribute to the overall mood, seamlessly intertwining with Lucie’s evolving emotional landscape.

In essence, Julia Ponce Díaz has crafted a remarkable short film that leaves a lasting impression. With expertly executed performances, thoughtful storytelling, and breath-taking visuals, this is a film that lingers on the mind and heart. It explores themes of identity, connection, and longing with poetic elegance, enveloping the viewers in an introspective and intimate cinematic experience.

Soredia Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
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