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Desert Psalm

An immersive and poetic music video that explores female empowerment.


Cat Rider’s experimental music video for Night Teacher’s track ‘Desert Psalm’ is a captivating and immersive visual narrative that draws inspiration from Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ feminist book ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves.’ With its blend of poetic imagery, symbolism, and mystical elements, the video delivers a powerful message of female empowerment intertwined with mythology and paranormality.

The eerie yet captivating vocals and lyrics of lead singer Lilly Bechtel resonate throughout the film, enhancing the mystical atmosphere and drawing viewers into a world of intrigue. Bechtel’s voice carries a sense of majestic power, perfectly aligning with the film’s themes.

The cinematography is truly awe-inspiring, particularly in its depiction of the barren landscapes of Texas. The visuals capture the essence of the desert’s vastness and isolation, creating a striking backdrop for the unfolding narrative. The all-female crew behind the film taps into the core message of empowerment, bringing a unique perspective to the storytelling and further amplifying the film’s intent.

Cat Rider’s direction creates an immersive viewing experience that lingers long after the closing credits. The video’s themes of female empowerment, combined with the infusion of mythology and the paranormal, result in a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration that encourages viewers to dive deeper into the symbolism and unearth their own interpretations.

In summary, the music video for Night Teacher’s ‘Desert Psalm’ is a mesmerizing journey through poetic imagery, symbolism, and feminism. With its haunting vocals, remarkable cinematography, and a powerful message at its core, this short film offers an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

Desert Psalm Short FIlm


Runtime: 9 min

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