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Masters of Illusion: Halloween VIP

A farcical comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Directed by Jordan Tofalo & Stash, from a script by Stash, ‘Masters of Illusion: Halloween VIP’ is a comedy fantasy film that follows Malvolio and Trixie as they make their way to the “Masters of Illusion” Halloween party. The short stars Jordan Tofalo as Trixie, with Stash as Malvolio. The low-budget film doesn’t take itself too seriously by satirizing character conflict throughout.

The 3-minute film opens with Malvolio dressed as “the Lord of Evil” and Trixie as “cotton candy”. Enroute to the party, Malvolio questions Trixie’s saccharine outfit – a mismatch to his own antagonistic look. A conflict arises, sparking overstated satirical humor, before Malvolio turns Trixie into a rabbit.

Jordan & Stash have created a deliberate cringe fest that pokes fun at itself and the fantasy genre. Despite being a low-budget film, with shoddy special effects, the short is a captivating watch due to hilarious characterization and conflict. Cinematography is of an acceptable standard – but far from outstanding. The film lacks a professional finish. Costume design is commendable. Jordan & Stash deliver decent performances from start-to-finish, albeit exaggerated to meet the comical undertone. A light hearted film with an entertaining narrative.

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Runtime: 4 min
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