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All Hallows Eve in the Emerald City

A eerie time-lapse film of Seattle, Washington.


Tosin I. Arasi’s 2-minute experimental film is a mesmerizing showcase of time-lapse cinematography that captures the essence of Seattle in all its bustle. The film is a work of art in every sense of the word, highlighting the city’s seaport and transport capability, a glimpse into mundane Seattle life. The haunting carnival-like score provides a perfect accompaniment to the stunning visuals, transporting the viewer into a dream-like state.

Arasi’s use of jumpy transitions and effects expertly captures the energy and movement of the city, making it feel alive even as everything is speeding up around us. The storm sequences are particularly eerie, an almost perfect melding of the natural and urban world.

But what truly sets this film apart is Arasi’s photographic skills – he has an extraordinary eye for capturing beauty and energy in even the most mundane of scenes. Each frame is a work of art in itself, and together they create an immersive sensory experience that captures the heart and soul of Seattle.

Overall, Tosin I. Arasi’s experimental short film is a brilliant exploration of Seattle’s charms and a stunning showcase of the director’s talent. This film should be applauded for its vision, creativity and execution – a must-watch for anyone who loves beautiful cinematography and wants to experience the magic of Seattle.

All Hallows Eve in the Emerald City


Runtime: 2 min

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