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Life, Love & Lockup: Volume 1

A poignant documentary that explores the personal struggles of 10 women.


Directed by Michelle S. Lovett, ‘Life, Love & Lockup: Volume 1’ is a short documentary film that delves into the emotional backstories of 10 women who are united by a personal tragedy. The short explores themes of grief, abuse, mental health, illness and female empowerment. Their collective stories were made into a book to offer inspiration and hope to like-minded individuals. The entire documentary is constructed of interviews with the women.

The 23-minute film opens with an introduction by Michelle S. Lovett (Director/Curator) about the collective project for the book. We learn about the emotional and physical trauma that the women have experienced, accumulating in a strong sisterhood that will empower the viewer. The film focuses on the stories of Amina Kirk Thornton, Lamecia King, Leslie James, Bridgette Denise, Scan Johnson, Shan White, Tikita Ficklin, Catrese David, Shelby Frasier, Stephanie Taylor. A poignant watch throughout.

Michelle S. Lovett has created a solid documentary that gives an unflinching account of life misfortune. All the women involved in this production deserve high praise for their courage and fearlessness. Their gripping stories will reward optimism to many and that should be applauded. Cinematography, sound and post-production is of an acceptable standard for a low-budget film. Highly recommended.

Life Love Lockup Volume 1


Runtime: 23 min

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