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The Confidant

A poignant drama that delves into one woman’s mental health.


Directed by Naved Ahmed, from a screenplay by Vikrant Dange, ‘The Confidant’ is a short drama film that delves into one woman’s mental health. The short centers around a housewife (Girija Oak) and her round-the-clock phone conversations. Set in India, the film was produced to raise awareness about depression and to encourage conversation as a tool for recovery. The short is filmed in the Hindi language with English subtitles.

The 3-minute drama opens with a housewife giving reassurance and comfort to a friend on her phone. Her distant husband sleeps behind her. The film continues with a sequence of her phone conversations, where she opens up to the friend about her stale relationship and her desire to go far away. The uplifting joy the lonely woman gets from the conversation is endearing to watch. The film concludes in poignancy when it is revealed she was speaking to herself on camera.

Naveed Ahmed has created a touching film that acts as a salient reminder to reach out for support when dealing with mental challenges. Vikrant’s narrative is compelling throughout, with a jarring emotional twist. Girija Oak’s performance is highly commendable – due to her ability to showcase “the mask” within mental health. Cinematography is of an exceptional standard from start to finish. Music, editing and sound are of equal quality. A deeply moving drama. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 4 min

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