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The Switcheroo Room

An intriguing mystery drama set in the Golden Age of Hollywood.


Directed by Richard Corso, from a short story by Gregory Ferbrache, ‘The Switcheroo Room’ is a short mystery drama that follows 5 aspiring actresses with hopes of being the next big thing. Set in classic Hollywood, the short explores themes of identity, jealousy and psychology. The film stars Ryan Lucy, Haleigh Burckley, Emma Moody, DeEtta Jain and Aletheia Matthews as the five hopefuls, with Kirsten Lee Price as Marilyn Munroe. A dialogue-heavy short that delves into the brutal casting process of a bygone era.

The 26-minute film opens in black and white, where a screen-test audition of Marilyn Munroe is underway. As the film transitions to color, we are introduced to the powerful men behind the camera, flaunting their unapologetic control over Marilyn. The remainder of the short focuses on 5 young women confined to a room, where they wait to be called out and given the opportunity they desperately crave. The film examines their rivalry and desperation for stardom.

Production and costume design are second-to-none, amplifying the period stylishly. The entire cast delivery profound performances, which will keep viewers engaged throughout lengthy scenes of dialogue. Cinematography, sound and post-production is of an exemplary standard. Richard Corso has delivered a captivating watch from start-to-finish. ‘The Switcheroo Room’ is a trailblazing short film with an alluring concept, high production value and riveting narrative. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 26 min
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