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An Endless Fiction

A chilling music video that delves into mental health.


Directed by Zach Herbert and Meredith Richardson, from a script by Herbert (St. Terrible), ‘An Endless Fiction’ is a short music film that delves into mental health. Based on the music by experimental indie artist St. Terrible (Zach Herbert), the film takes the audience through a visual experience that showcases mental suffering – powerfully performed by St. Terrible. A captivating, albeit eerie watch.

The 11-minute film opens with two consecutive 2-minute continuous shots, as we are introduced to an isolated St. Terrible – delivering spectacular vocals whilst blindfolded. Cinematography is outstanding throughout, with carefully choreographed Steadicam work. Red veiled figures in the background bring a sense of horror to the performance. As St. Terrible vocalizes his music, the audience will be startled by his frantic state of mind and body, revealing pain and fear continuously. The music itself is simply extraordinary – a fine composition that deserves to be on everyone’s playlist.

Zach Herbert and Meredith Richardson have created an awe-inspiring film that doesn’t shy away from revealing the life-stalling effects of mental illness. St. Terrible (Zach Herbert) is a formidable talent that deserves high praise. ‘An Endless Fiction’ is a breath-taking piece of cinema and music. Lighting, production design and editing are of an exemplary standard – a majestic effort all round. Highly recommended.

St. Terrible An Endless Fiction Short Film e1651588053553


Runtime: 11 min

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