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No Exit 2: Rise Against

Revenge is rife in this dark Danish drama.


Jesper Isaksen’s follow-up sequel to ‘No Exit’ is a gripping and intense dive into the dark underbelly of gang culture on the streets of Copenhagen. This time, Sami, played brilliantly by Ashkan Paydar, seeks vengeance for the death of his friend. The film cleverly incorporates flashbacks from the previous instalment, providing context even for those who haven’t seen the first film, and immersing viewers in this violent and treacherous world from the very beginning.

One of the standout aspects of the film is the stellar cast performances, particularly as many of the actors have real-life experience in the criminal world. This authenticity shines through, lending an added layer of realism and credibility to the characters and their actions. Coupled with the Danish language (with English subtitles), the film effectively transports viewers into this gritty and menacing environment.

The cinematography by Jakob Løfberg is moody and atmospheric, perfectly capturing the tension and danger that permeates the story. The use of lighting adds to the overall visual appeal, enhancing the intense and edgy ambiance of the film.

The production design is also deserving of praise, creating a cinematic and immersive experience. From the set pieces to the costumes and props, every detail feels meticulously crafted to enhance the storytelling and contribute to the film’s overall impact.

Jesper Isaksen’s sequel is a compelling and gripping short that delves into the world of crime culture, retribution, and brotherhood. With stellar cast performances, superb cinematography, and meticulous production styling, this film is a powerful exploration of the consequences of violence and the complexities of loyalty.

No Exit 2 Short Film


Runtime: 17 min

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