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An action-packed ode to mountain biking.


Josh Lawless’s 4-minute action film is a breathtaking ode to the skill, drive, and bravery of mountain biker Kaidan Ingersoll. The film’s stunning cinematography presents the viewer with a selection of slow-motion and acceleration shots that execute an exceptional balance between capturing the intensity of the action and showcasing the natural beauty of the landscape.

Accompanied by an expertly crafted musical score, and no dialogue, the film captures the thrill, adventure, and risk inherent in extreme sports. Ingersoll’s skill is nothing short of amazing, and his sheer determination to push his limits and those of his sport make this film incredibly captivating to watch.

Filmed at New Hampshire’s Highland Bike Park, the film captures the essence of adventure sports in its rawest form. It manages to showcase the beauty of the natural surroundings while never losing focus on the story at hand. Lawless’s impressive artistry is reflected in the visual storytelling and editing of the film.

‘Rise’ is a must-see film for lovers of extreme sports, action photography, or breath-taking natural scenery. It is highly recommended as a feel-good film that inspires and amazes in equal measure. A champion of the sport, Ingersoll has left his mark on the cinematic stage, with Lawless’s directing at its epitome.

Rise Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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