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Colours of Soul

An experimental micro-short with immersive artistry throughout.


Laura D’Asta’s microshort dance film encapsulates the viewer in a world of beauty and contemplation. The experimental approach to the filmmaking allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the story of influenced creativity. Esther Siddiquie showcases her talent in contemporary dance as she explores her fascination with fine art, thus resulting in a captivating performance.

The film effectively delivers on its themes of desire and admiration as Esther discovers the beauty and intricacies of her surroundings. The unconventional visuals by Vivi Stamatos and Henrikke S.Boger only add to the unique aesthetic of the film. The craftsmanship of the visuals complement the abstract narrative well.

Overall, this short film is a must-see for those fans of artistic expression and unconventional storytelling. Laura D’Asta’s direction warrants praise as she depicts a visually stunning and intellectually satisfying work of art. Furthermore, the combination of dance, fine art, and unconventional storytelling make this film a unique addition to any film festival.

Colours of Soul Short Film


Runtime: 2 min

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