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Guide to a Midwest Hometown

A raw exploration of nostalgia and mundanity.


In Alex Powell’s short personal documentary film, the audience is treated to an introspective journey as he delves into the complex emotions tied to his hometown, Kansas City. With a poignant blend of sentimentality and a raw exploration of the mundane, Powell paints a vivid picture of his experiences returning for the holiday season.

Unlike a traditional vlog, this film transcends mere surface-level documentation by delving deep into Powell’s emotional state of mind. The filmmaker masterfully expresses nostalgia and a tinge of disheartenment, allowing viewers who have relocated and revisited their hometowns to resonate and reflect on their own experiences.

The absence of Powell’s physical presence, with only his voice guiding the viewers, adds an intriguing layer to the film’s narrative. By choosing to feature the voices and stories of local inhabitants, he offers a unique perspective on the city and its residents. In doing so, Powell creates an engaging and multifaceted narrative, elevating the film beyond a mere personal reflection.

Despite its low-budget productional value, the craftsmanship behind this documentary is evident throughout. Powell’s attention to detail and thoughtful storytelling make up for any limitations in resources, resulting in a well-crafted piece that stirs the heartstrings and provokes introspection.

Powell’s short film encapsulates the complexities of returning home, touching upon universal themes that appeal to a wide audience. With its authenticity and relatability, this documentary leaves a lasting impact, reminding viewers of the power of revisiting one’s roots and reflecting on the passage of time.

Guide to a Midwest Hometown Short Documentary about Kansas City


Runtime: 35 min

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