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An unnerving horror short with a comedic twist.


‘Predormital’ is a well-crafted horror experience that offers a glimpse into the terrifying journey of a young man plagued by recurring night terrors. The atmosphere and shadowy figure lurking in the background provide an excellent platform for tension building, and Ben Douma’s masterful use of lighting adds an eerie layer of discomfort to the proceedings.

What sets the film apart from other horror shorts is its twist. Despite being filled with all the traditional horror tropes – demonic creatures and sudden jump scares, the film still manages to add a unique comedic touch that gives relief to the nerve-wracking ride. Its balance between pure horror and humor is impressively executed.

The acting, led by Maxwell Lam, is spot on. Lam brilliantly captures the main character’s distressed psyche, and his performance adds a layer of realism to the premise of the short. Despite being relatively new to the industry, Lam’s presence on screen is notable and draws the audience in.

‘Predormital’ is an excellent short horror film that manages to pack frights, suspense, and humor all within 10-minutes. With outstanding production quality, respectable acting, and a well-executed twist, this is one horror short that should not be missed. Highly recommended.

Predormital Short Film


Runtime: 4 min
Genre: ,

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