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Into Temptation

A chilling drama that delves into the complexities of child sex abuse.


Quinn da Matta‘s short drama film ‘Into Temptation’ is a haunting exploration of the intricate relationship between a child sex abuse victim and the priest who preyed upon him. The film delves into territories that are complex, dark, and morally challenging – exploring the depths of Stockholm Syndrome.

Juan Manuel Salcito delivers an outstanding performance as Michael, who feels nothing but love for the one who violated him. Salcito’s portrayal is highly captivating, displaying the level of mental and emotional turmoil that is pervasive to this kind of experience. Tom McLaren also delivers an equally commendable performance as Father Graham, capturing the finely-placed manipulation and deceit of sexual abuse.

The craftsmanship of this film at every level is superb. The cinematography by Matt Plaxco in particular is word-class, delivering an immersive and chilling atmosphere that creates a claustrophobic and unsettling feel acting as the backdrop to the character’s encounters. The musical score is equally brilliant, with music adding an almost majestic quality to the film.

The drama is an intense short film that will leave an indelible impression on the viewer. Its challenging premise and delicate handling both narratively and regards its depiction of the complex dynamic of sexual abuse and Stockholm Syndrome is commendable. A masterclass in cinematic storytelling and technique, this film deserves high praise.

Into Temptation Gay Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
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