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Walk with Me

An experimental tale of self-identity, mental health and loneliness.


Kofi King’s experimental tale is a mesmerizing exploration of the human psyche, as it takes us on an intimate journey through the inner thoughts of a young man navigating a US city. The mixed use of color and black & white cinematography, coupled with a captivating continuous musical score, creates a hauntingly evocative atmosphere that beautifully mirrors the protagonist’s deep sense of isolation, self-identity, and inner struggle with depression.

What sets this film apart is Omar Ali-Badia’s exceptional visual portrayal, which brings to life the profound hopelessness and lost self of the character without relying on traditional dialogue. Through a series of visually striking compositions and emotive expressions, Ali-Badia transports the audience into the depths of the protagonist’s troubles, allowing us to witness his spiritual journey unfold before our eyes.

While the musical score undeniably dominates the soundtrack at times, making it challenging to fully appreciate the spoken words, the superb cinematography and editing compensate for this drawback. Each frame is meticulously crafted, showcasing an artistic eye that captures the essence of the narrative with precision and creativity.

This film may not appeal to everyone, as its unconventional storytelling approach demands a certain appreciation for artistic, poignant, and experimental cinema. However, those who are willing to embark on this introspective voyage will find themselves enraptured by a thought-provoking and visually stunning experience that delves deep into the human condition. Kofi King’s work triumphantly cements its place in the realm of avant-garde filmmaking and will undoubtedly be adored by enthusiasts of innovative and soul-stirring cinema.

Walk with Me Short Experimental Film


Runtime: 15 min

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