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A heart-warming, albeit comedic exploration of friendship and reunification.


Tim Martin‘s short comedic drama, written by Alexx Diaz, takes a fresh approach to the complexities of an estranged friendship. The story follows Ryder (Erin Ryan), who accidentally kills Lauren’s (Olivia Tennison) beloved fish while she’s out of town. Desperate for help, she turns to her estranged friend Sam (Kellie LaMay), who is still harboring resentment towards Ryder for abandoning their friendship years ago. What follows is a funny and heart-warming exploration of friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, and reunification.

The script is witty and the dialogue exchanges between the characters are incredibly entertaining. The comedic timing is spot-on, creating a number of genuinely funny moments throughout the film. However, what really stands out is the way in which the film handles the more emotional aspects of the story. The themes of forgiveness and reconciliation are explored with a deftness and sensitivity that adds depth and heart to the film.

The acting is top-notch all around, with each actor bringing a unique energy and charm to their respective roles. Nickolas Manesiotis’ cinematography is also commendable, adding visual interest and a polished feel to the film. However, the choice to keep the film in black and white throughout is somewhat questionable.

Overall, Tim Martin’s short film is a genuinely enjoyable and heartfelt piece of cinema. With its clever script, great acting, and polished visuals, it’s a fun watch that also manages to be emotionally resonant. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good laugh and a heartwarming exploration of friendship.

Sushi Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
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