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Cassidy Blues

A stylish cat and mouse drama with exceptional performances throughout.


Directed by Richard Corso, from a script by Kareem Kamahl Taylor, ‘Cassidy Blues’ is a short cat and mouse drama that follows two detectives as they attempt to track down a criminal couple. Gabe Combs leads the cast as Detective Brooks, with Brian McGee as his sidekick (Detective Candy). Additional cast include; Mandy Groves as Julian and Asha Bee as Lulu. Visually, ‘Cassidy Blues’ is inspired by the experimental French New Wave movement, coupled with a flair of 1970’s US cop-dramas.

The 24-minute film opens with Julian and Lulu, a lesbian couple, deliberating their next robbery. We are then introduced to Detective Brooks as he receives duty to track down a mysterious robbery. As Brooks and Candy investigate the crime, their only lead is in the form of a rare cigarette packet (Cassidy Blues). Crippled with anxiety from nicotine withdrawal, Brooks tries to bum a cigarette from a stranger (Julian) – which results in a thrilling chase of cops and robbers.

Richard Corso excels yet again with this captivating short that stands out from many. A distinct visual style that compliments the equally bold narrative. The entire cast deliver exceptional performances from start to finish, particularly Gabe Combs (Detective Brooks) – a saluting portrayal that will keep viewers engaged. High praise to Nik Velimirovic and Hector Quijano (Cinematographers) for capturing a rare aesthetic. A charming watch. Highly recommended.

Cassidy Blues Short Film


Runtime: 24 min
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