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A music video that explores the ambiguity felt by our youth post-lockdown.


Donnagh Fitzpatrick’s music video for Malachy Sammon’s electronic track “Waterfalls” is a beautifully crafted four-minute piece that immerses the viewer in a narrative that centers around youth post-COVID-19 pandemic. Starring Sammon himself in performance and featuring Aiesha Wong and Eibhlin Lee, the video takes us into a neon-lit party scene that interweaves celebration, reflection and the unknown.

Despite the upbeat melody, the lyrical content and narrative of the video has a somber and introspective tone, giving a glimpse into the effects of lockdown and social distancing on the younger generation. The visuals are striking, with neon lighting that lend a distinct mood to the piece.

Kevin Minogue’s cinematography and lighting are exceptional, masterfully portraying Fitzpatrick’s vision and capturing the melancholic and yet trance-like essence of the video. The piece conveys a renaissance that emerges from the paranormal circumstances faced by the characters.

‘Waterfalls’ is a highly recommended video with a powerful message. It draws the viewer into the emotional core of the story and showcases the talents of Fitzpatrick, Sammon, and the entire team involved in the project with remarkable artistry. It is a unique slice of contemporary storytelling and a much-needed reminder of the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Waterfalls Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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