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Your Welcome

An offbeat comedy set in the commotion of New York City.


Naftali Beane Rutter’s comedic short film is a hilarious, darkly twisted take on one man’s desperate quest to remove a permanent message from his forehead. Set against the backdrop of bustling New York City, the film follows Rutter’s dishevelled character as he goes to increasingly bizarre lengths to correct his appearance.

The limited use of dialogue throughout the film is a deliberate choice, as it enhances the visual storytelling and lets the unique premise of the film shine through. Rutter delivers a standout performance, capturing the absurdity of his character’s situation and bringing the comedic moments to life.

Carlos Garcia De Dios’s cinematography is another highlight of the film, capturing the grit and energy of New York City in a visually stunning way that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Despite the film’s dark tone, there is a jovial underbelly that is sure to entertain viewers. The witty conclusion is a satisfying end to a well-crafted and entertaining film that leaves you wanting more.

While it would be intriguing to learn more about the character’s backstory, the limited information only adds to the film’s enigmatic allure. ‘Your Welcome’ is a highly recommended short film that showcases the talents of Rutter and his team with great artistry.

Your Welcome Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 6 min
Genre: ,

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