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Beneath the Surface

An inspiring therapeutic tale of dealing with mental health challenges.


Stewart Wells’ short documentary is a tranquil and inspiring film that takes us to the serene environment of York’s Pool Bridge Farm. The film showcases the therapeutic power of lake swimming on mental fatigue, through the personal experience of Mike Fletcher. From the very beginning of the film, Fletcher captivates the audiences with his candid vulnerability as he shares his journey towards finding peace and calmness through swimming.

The cinematography of the film is truly outstanding, masterfully using natural light and beautiful location to capture the essence of the story. The editing and musical score are also expertly interwoven to create a cinematic experience that lingers in the mind long after the film has ended.

At its heart, ‘Beneath the Surface’ is a spiritual and therapeutic tale that explores the healing effects of being one with nature for overcoming mental health challenges. The film encourages viewers to engage with their inner selves, to be still and take meaningful connections with the natural world around them. In its own way, the film is a call to action for all of us to take care of our mental health and to find our own paths to peace and wellness.

Beneath the Surface Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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