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A chilling thriller that explores the perils of infatuation.


Finn Moskos’s short film is a chilling portrayal of mental illness and obsession. The central character, an Uber Eats delivery courier, is brought to life in a stunning performance that explores the darker side of the human psyche. Set against the backdrop of Amsterdam, the film is a character study of a young man (Finn Moskos) who is struggling with a number of demons that threaten to consume him.

The limited dialogue in the film adds a sense of intimacy, as the audience is forced to rely solely on the physicality of the actors to tell the story. This is further enhanced by Francisco Eltink’s hand-held and stylistic cinematography, which immerses the viewer in the chaotic world of the protagonist. The musical score also plays its part in creating a sinister atmosphere, drawing the audience deeper into the mind of our tormented character.

The story itself is a complex exploration of human sexuality, stalking, addictive personality disorder, and depression. The film tackles these difficult subjects with maturity and sensitivity, refusing to shy away from the darker aspects of mental illness. Moskos masterfully crafts a tale of unexpected twists and turns, keeping the audience on edge until the very end.

‘Courier’ is a brilliant thriller that delivers on every front. From the fantastic acting to the stylish cinematography and haunting score, the film will leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches it. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates quality cinema that pushes the boundaries of mainstream storytelling.



Runtime: 23 min
Language: ,

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