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A supernatural fantasy with a comedic underbelly.


Heather Rose Lupex’s experimental fantasy ‘PAW’ is an amusing and intriguing take on the age-old saying; “Be careful what you wish for”. The film presents a poignant discussion on the fine line between our wishes, desires, and unintended consequences. Spencer LaFever’s writing is witty, and the characters have natural chemistry. Carla Mansour’s Laura and Christopher Lona’s Earnest are a believable pairing, and their struggles with the supernatural wish-granter are comical.

Another stand-out moment in the film is Earnest’s fourth-wall-breaking; this unique aspect adds yet another layer to this entertaining and comedic story. While the production value may not be of considerable Hollywood quality, cinematographer Alex Ojeda makes clever use of spaces to raise the film’s ambiance.

While short, the film moves along quickly, engaging its audience with fascinating story developments. However, the film would benefit from a reduction in its runtime, and more attention to the central character’s relationship, as this could help develop a more substantial emotional impact.

Overall, ‘PAW’ explores ageless and beneficial themes playfully, connecting with the balance between wishes, expectations and outcomes. It’s a well-created and enjoyable watch that will keep viewers entertained from beginning to end.



Runtime: 17 min

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