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The Road: A Driver’s Diary

A witty satire that explores the frenzied work life of an Uber driver.


‘The Road: A Driver’s Diary’ offers a hilarious and eye-opening look at the demanding and often ridiculous world of being a rideshare driver. Directed and starring the talented Bill Aylward, this short film is full of wit and clever humor. Aylward’s character navigates through an array of eccentric passengers, each bringing their own unique quirks and challenges to the ride. Along the way, he also grapples with the realities of surge pricing and the constant need to make a profit.

The film is expertly shot by cinematographer David Dalasta, who captures the frenzied energy of life on the road and the eclectic personalities of the characters. The post-production work is also top-notch, enhancing the film’s comical moments and giving it a polished finish.

But the real star of this satire is Aylward himself. His charismatic performance is both engaging and hilarious, making the audience feel like they are right there in the car with him. The end result is a thoroughly entertaining and educational short film that offers a unique perspective on the rideshare industry. If you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy that will also make you think, ‘The Road: A Driver’s Diary’ is the perfect choice.

The Road, A Driver's Diary Short Comedy


Runtime: 11 min

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