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Van’s Ice Cold Lemonade

A fresh comedy filled to the brim with sassiness.


Cornell Calhoun III’s comedy ‘Van’s Ice Cold Lemonade’ is a hilarious narrative, perfect for a little escapism. The film is cantered around two adolescent best friends, Vanessa and Venita, who are in charge of running Van’s lemonade stall. Their cheeky attitudes and mischievous business practices add to the story’s humor and provide a few laughs throughout.

The young talent showcased in this short film is truly praiseworthy. Logan Dior Williams delivers a standout performance as Vanessa, bringing sass and a strong sense of comedic timing to the role. Similarly, Marlena Castro’s portrayal of Venita is equally impressive and helps to create a believable friendship between the two central characters.

James Bobby Heard’s cinematography seamlessly captures the vibrancy of the park setting, highlighting the stall and its occupants with clarity and flair. Additionally, the post-production and sound design further enhance the film’s comedic aspects. Calhoun III’s skillful direction, together with the talented cast and crew, has created a well-rounded and fun film.

Overall, this is a short film that is sure to leave viewers with a smile on their face. The film’s humorous storyline and commendable production value are certainly reasons to be hopeful for future films from this young director. Highly recommend for a good laugh.

Van’s Ice Cold Lemonade Short Film


Runtime: 5 min
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