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Shadow’s Halloween Costume

A Sonic the Hedgehog dubbed comedy.


Samuel Omane’s comedy micro-short is a brief, one-minute video that features characters from the popular Japanese video-game franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog. However, the overall quality of the film is quite amateur, and there is little evidence of any great creativity going into the project. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to offer a more positive review of the film.

While the story centres around a typical, light-hearted encounter between characters Sonic, Shadow, and Silver over their Halloween costumes, the short runtime leaves little room for any real development. The narrative moves rapidly and only touches upon one topic, leaving the audience wanting more.

Sadly, the production quality feels cheap and lazy – with little to no evidence of great detail or craft going into sound and video effects. Despite potentially working as a suitable entertainment distraction for young children, the micro-short isn’t able to engage the audience with any level of sophistication or humor.



Runtime: 1 min
Genre: ,

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