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The Genie

A witty Puerto Rican parody of ‘Aladdin’.


Fabian Rey’s short comedy film, which parodies the iconic Middle Eastern folktale and Disney’s classic ‘Aladdin’, is an absolute delight for viewers who enjoy a good laugh. The film offers an excellent comedic twist on the conventional Aladdin narrative, with the main protagonist (portrayed by Johnny Lee Whitehead) being granted three wishes from Doel Banch’s Genie. Throughout the narrative, we watch as the protagonist’s wishes go horribly wrong, leading to disastrous consequences.

Considering the low budget production values, the film manages to impress with its enjoyable narrative and witty dialogue. The acting performances are commendable, with Whitehead delivering a delightful performance as the bumbling Aladdin. Additionally, the film’s settings in Puerto Rico offer a unique backdrop to the narrative, further enhancing its charm.

Despite being a short film, this parody Aladdin adaptation manages to pack an impressive amount of humor and charm into its brief runtime. The Spanish language dialogue (with English subtitles) adds another layer of interest, further enriching the overall cinematic experience. Viewers who enjoy lighthearted, comical films are sure to appreciate Fabian Rey’s inspired take on the Aladdin folktale.

The Genie Short Film


Runtime: 7 min
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