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Vertebrae Lomborum

An intimate animation about self-discovery.


Martino Prendini’s micro-short film is an introspective journey that takes viewers into the inner workings of the creator’s mind and his spiritual journey towards self-discovery. This remarkable, unfiltered piece of animation is crafted entirely in black and white and showcases Martino’s remarkable artistic talents.

The film is immersive and highly symbolic, imbuing every frame and every element with deep meaning and sensitivity. The film’s focus on exploring the artist’s psyche and inner clockwork through hand-drawn animation brings a visual and narrative uniqueness that is bound to attract audiences – and captivate them. The narration in Italian, with English subtitles, works well yet adds another level of international sophistication. The film is an experimental and artistic tour de force, with Prendini delving deep into themes of self-discovery, desire, and life path.

Martino’s ‘Vertebrae Lomborum’ is a remarkable and emotive example of one man’s exploration of self-discovery through the lens of creative expression and art. The film is an intimate and intensely personal journey that touches on universal themes of identity, spirituality, and self-realization. Highly recommended for fans looking for something experimental in animation. A must-see for anyone seeking out a highly personal and visually impressive exploration of self.

Vertebrae Lomborum Short Film


Runtime: 1 min
Language: ,

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