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A tense black and white thriller about a criminal’s fate.


Antony Berrios’ crime thriller ‘Tumble’ is a tense and gripping short film that tells the story of a bank robber, Sam, who finds himself on the run after a heist, taking cover at a local laundromat. However, his past catches up to him when he runs into an old flame (Marie Urquidi) who unwittingly complicates his escape. The film is brought to life by the stellar performance of Charlie Santore, who excels in depicting his character’s gentle and perturbed nature, making viewers empathize with his plight and feel every inch of his anxiety.

The film’s black and white cinematography by Matthew Skala enhances the film’s classic cinematic tone, creating a tension-filled atmosphere that keeps the audience on edge. Tatiana Cardenas adds to the tension with her performance as the young laundromat attendant, making viewers uncertain about her intentions towards Sam.

The short is a riveting crime thriller that will leave viewers sitting on the edge of their seats until the closing credits. Berrios has produced a film that is both creative and clever, exploring the anxious fate of a man on the run with great skill. ‘Tumble’ is a must-watch that showcases the craft and artistry of great filmmaking.

Tumble Short Film


Runtime: 13 min
Genre: ,

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