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A Balanced Breakfast

A charming film that explores a father/daughter relationship.


Written and directed by J.W. Cox, ‘A Balanced Breakfast’ is a comedy drama that explores a father-daughter relationship. Vince Hobart Smith leads the cast as Dennis, a widowed father who takes the day off work to spend time with his sick daughter. Rhyan Hanavan co-stars as his daughter, Moriah. The film delves into themes of nostalgia, parenthood and family. A touching drama with comic relief throughout.

The 11-minute film opens with Dennis and his daughter eating breakfast. After noticing his 13-year-old daughter’s fever, he sacrifices a presentation at work to tend to her care. The narrative turns peculiar when the father decides to hunt down a box of Milkyoats – a cereal from his childhood. Moriah questions their relationship, due to her fathers unbalanced work life, which opens up the conversation about his unconditional love. Mark Borison stars as an eccentric work-colleague – delivering a whole lot of belly laughs.

J.W. Cox has created a sweet film that examines a broken family and the small joys within it. Rhyan Hanavan (Moriah) gives an outstanding performance that deserves appreciation. Rhyan is able to deliver an authentic teenage attitude throughout. Vince Hobart Smith’s performance is equally commendable and endearing. Mark Borison steals the film with his outlandish portrayal as Marty – highly captivating and entertaining from start to finish. The short is produced with high quality cinematography, which makes for pleasing viewing, and is wrapped up with fine editing, music and sound. A charming film that will probe all kinds of emotions. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 11 min
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