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Order of the Dragon

A fantasy-themed adventure comedy set in the Welsh countryside.


‘Order of the Dragon’ is a delightful short film that transports its viewers to a fantastical world filled with humor and chaos. Directed by Chris McFall, the film tells the story of a mother and daughter who move to the Welsh countryside only to find themselves facing a fierce infestation of fire-breathing beasts in their new home. The narrative is peppered with comical moments that are sure to make both children and adults laugh out loud.

The acting in the film is impressive, with Maddy McFall standing out with her natural performance as the tenacious young protagonist. Brian Carter and Tegan Moorey also give noteworthy performances as the eccentric pest controls who arrive to save the day.

The cinematography by Mei Lewis is stunning, showcasing the picturesque Welsh landscapes beautifully. The aspect ratio, while unconventional, only adds to the film’s quirky nature.

Overall, ‘Order of the Dragon’ is a must-watch for anyone looking for a sweet, hilarious and heartwarming tale of a family’s battle against mythical creatures. It’s a perfect family treat. Highly recommended.

Order of the Dragon Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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