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Defy the Odds

A gripping drama that tells the real life story of Bill Lester.


Written and directed by Corry Wiens, ‘Defy the Odds’ is a biographical drama film that tells the story of Bill Lester – the first black driver to win in any NASCAR Grand Am division race. Bradford Haynes leads the cast as Lester. The action-packed drama explores themes of race, victory and will-power. A captivating watch that will inspire and encourage its audience.

The 3-minute film opens with Lester resigning from his 15-year career in software development. Despite persuasion from his employer to stay, Bill’s determination cannot be tamed. Throughout the short, fictionalized footage of his auto-race is showcased and is intercut with media skepticism – due to his age, race and lack of experience. A thrilling watch that resembles a teaser to a feature length narrative.

Corry Wiens has created an outstanding film that shines a light on a less known, albeit historic win. Viewers will be engrossed in the drama from start to finish. Cinematography (by Quinton Brogan) is highly commendable and of industry standard. Editing, special effects, sound and music are of a decent quality throughout. Bradford Haynes delivers a remarkable portrayal that will keep the viewer engaged until the poignant closing credits. ‘Defy the Odds’ is a well-constructed film – if only it were feature length. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 3 min
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