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A chilling animation that rewards suspense and mystery.


Animated by Andrew Lehman, ‘Port’ is an animated horror/sci-fi film that explores the dark and sobering atmosphere of a seemingly abandoned island. The micro-short utilities an experimental narrative throughout. A chilling watch from start to finish. ‘Port’ is constructed without any character dialogue and makes use of symbolism and tone to convey its plot.

The 90-second animation opens with a young boy arriving on a row-boat to a seemingly apocalyptic island. Darkness and melancholy overcome the lonely child as he explores the haunting debris around the shores. The film takes a frightening turn with the introduction to alien-like creatures that appear to inhabit the island.

Andrew Lehman’s creative ingenuity and dark imagination will reward viewers with suspense and thrill in this hair-raising micro-short. The only criticism is in the incredibly short run-time – the audience will be begging for a continuation. Lehman is a gifted craftsman, evident in the thoroughly detailed animation and the chilling world he has created. The animation is finely wrapped up with haunting sound effects and ambience. Despite its minute runtime, audience can expect to be captivated and engaged. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 1 min

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