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Public Notice

A social commentary film about the greed within housing expansion.


‘Public Notice’ is a thought-provoking and unsettling experimental short film that incisively examines the rampant development of residential and commercial buildings in today’s world. The film makes its political message clear without any dialogue through its eerie score and sombre visual style, which combines steady shots with a strong focus on the rapid expansion of green-belt communities.

Rouzbeh Noori’s unique approach to filmmaking proves to be highly effective in creating an unsettling atmosphere, and the absence of dialogue further highlights the film’s political themes. The score enhances these themes, making it difficult to shake the feeling of uneasiness that persists throughout.

The film’s exploration of the corruption and greed behind over-development further elevates the political message and highlights society’s shortcomings. It highlights the toll that such development has on the environment and communities as a whole.

Overall, the film is not for everyone, yet it still manages to deliver an unsettling and highly memorable experience that demands both reflection and action. Noori’s work is proof that experimental filmmaking can successfully convey societal commentary without sacrificing entertainment value. ‘Public Notice’ is worth watching for anyone interested in cinematography and political themes.

Public Notice Short Film


Runtime: 3 min

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