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An action-packed drama about a black soldier in the Korean War.


Directed by Matthew Panepinto, from a script by Gray with an A, ‘Friendly’ is a short action film that tells the story of an unpracticed black soldier fighting in the Korean War. The film is set in July 5, 1950 (10 days after the Soviet-backed invasion). The short explores themes of survival, race, war and revenge. Timi Odunjo leads the cast as Charles, a black Tokyo-based engineer who was drafted in by the Americans in a desperate attempt to increase combat numbers. A gripping drama with high action throughout.

The 19-minute film opens with Charles killing an American ally. The film jumps back in time, where his frantic defense against the enemy raises eyebrows amongst his comrades. As his men fall around him, the white American soldiers question his loyalty – based on the color of his skin. Under the pressure of battle and fearing for his own life, Charles scrabbles for freedom – leading to perilous consequences.

Under Matthew Panepinto’s direction, ‘Friendly’ is highly captivating from the offset. Outstanding aerial cinematography will allure viewers into the intense action that follows. Timi Odunjo’s performance as Charles is highly commendable – his ability to showcase fragility and fear is awe-inspiring. Visually, the film is carefully constructed with terrific costume design, locations and high-quality cinematography. The narrative is equally compelling. Sound, post-production and music is of a professional standard. A riveting watch. Highly recommended.

Friendly Short Film


Runtime: 19 min
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