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Shit is Crazy: First Day of Summer

A chilling thriller that explores abuse and revenge.


Marquis Mosley’s short thriller is an intense and captivating trip into the darkness of familial abuse and the warped psyche of its perpetrators. Throughout the film, the viewer is spellbound by the bone-chilling performances of the cast, particularly Donovan Elmore and Ryenn Elwin as the two young boys make plans for revenge against their abusive step-father, played with brutal realism by Kendrick Cross.

The tension and pacing in the film is highly effective, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The cinematography, courtesy of Ryan Jordan, is truly exceptional, lending a cinematic quality to the production that elevates it above the average short film.

As the story takes an even darker turn in the final act, the performances of the cast only become more riveting, building up to a shocking and unforgettable final scene that will leave a lasting impression on viewers. Credit must be given to Ivory Shields’ powerful portrayal of the boys’ mother, adding the necessary emotional weight to the story.

In all, Marquis Mosley’s short thriller is a must-watch for fans of gripping and disturbing filmmaking. Highly recommended to any viewer looking for a cinematic and emotionally impactful piece of storytelling.

Shit is Crazy First Day of Summer Short Film


Runtime: 16 min
Genre: ,

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