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A touching drama about miscarriage and its effect on a relationship.


Directed by Ashley Landrieu, from a script by Jef Figallo, ‘Gone’ is a short drama film that explores a strained relationship after a miscarriage. Catalina Cielo stars as Cassie, with Jef Figallo as Justin. Filmed on a smartphone, the drama poignantly tackles the emotional stages of baby loss and the contrasting affliction it has on a couple.

The 5-minute film opens with Justin returning home to his wife. As her absence becomes apparent, Justin searches their home where he finds her nestled in the bathtub. In distress, Cassie reveals they have lost their unborn child – sparking Justin’s unintended insensitivity. As she withdraws from his consolation, he exercises his sorrow, albeit in discretion. The film concludes with Cassie’s exigency for comfort and her elation at becoming pregnant again.

Despite having a low production value, ‘Gone’ is strengthened by its touching narrative and upstanding characterization. Jef Figallo (Writer/Justin) and Catalina Cielo (Cassie) deliver sincere portrayals that will resonate with many grief-stricken couples. The film doesn’t shy away from showcasing the wounding response (to “try again”) that effect woman after miscarriage. Cinematography is of a reasonable standard in spite of being recorded on a smartphone. Sound, editing and music is equally commendable. A fine short film.

Gone Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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