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One Last Spin

A poignant documentary that delves into the world of gambling.


Directed by Ross Donald, ‘One Last Spin’ is a short documentary film that delves into the addictive world of gambling. The film takes a harrowing look at the personal stories of former addicts, constructed with a series of interviews and dramatization of their struggles. A poignant watch that doesn’t shy away from revealing the perilous consequences of wagering a bet.

Throughout the entire 30-minute film, we are introduced to several survivors of the addiction, who bravely open up about the devastating consequences it had on their life and those around them. We learn about the effects it had on their mental health, financial security, relationships, career and physical health. The film takes a somber turn as we learn about a young man’s suicide, amidst the grapple with gambling addiction. Besides the personal stories, the documentary introduces us to dominant members of society who are actively involved in the fight against gambling.

Ross Donald has put together a deeply moving film that will startle the audience from the offset. High praise to the recovering addicts who have turned their lives around, and are now open to sharing their plight in an effort to reduce shame and stigma. Visually, the film is professionally shot with outstanding cinematography (Leon Brehony & Jamie Brown). Sound, music and post-production are equally commendable. A captivating watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 30 min

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