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The Magical Toy Shop

A fantasy film about an aspiring actress and a magical toy.


Written and directed by AJ. Lamb, ‘The Magical Toy Shop’ is a short fantasy film that explores the self-doubt of an aspiring actress. Angelique Joan leads the cast as Emma, a young woman who works in her grandfather’s toy shop. Additional cast include; Jack Warner as Oliver (Emma’s grandfather) and Michèle Belgrand as Emma’s late mother. The short is filmed in the English and French language with an enchanting narrative throughout.

The 9-minute fantasy opens at the toy store with a frustrated Emma struggling to retain her lines from a script. An inner turmoil consumes her, fearing she will never be able to live up to her mother’s success as a performer. Her fear sparks trepidation of rejection. As her grandfather toys with a miniature theatre in his store, much to Emma’s contempt, he recalls her mother’s fascination with it, leading to a curiosity that will change her life. Without spoiling the concluding narrative, the magical toy rewards Emma the tools she needs to fulfil her dream.

AJ. Lamb and his cast/crew have created a wondrous short that will captivate, entertain and dazzle viewers. Special effects and animation are commendable. Cinematography by Lamb & Marta Garcia Castañón deserves high praise for its cinematic quality. Jack Warner (Oliver) and Angelique Joan deliver admirable performances that will engage the audience from start to finish. It’s clear that a lot of love and care has gone into this collaborative project, which viewers will certainly appreciate. A poignant tale wrapped in sparkle. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min
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