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Luck is Alive

An experimental short that explores a surfer’s belief in Animism.


Written and directed by Paul Ward, ‘Luck is Alive’ is a short experimental film that explores Animism – a belief that inanimate objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. The film focuses on African surfer Damme Samb, who’s belief in luck directed him to the liberating ocean. Set in Dakar, Senegal, the film is a fast-paced creative assortment of visual splendor.

The 4-minute film opens with Samb in narration, where he introduces the viewer to Animism. The narrative centers around his belief in luck as a powerful presence that rewards him its namesake. Utilizing dice as a symbol of his good-fortune, the short experiments with cutting-edge visual effects, music and cinematography to captivate viewer intrigue. Underwater, drone and 360 cinematography – coupled with fleeting animation – makes for an awe-inspiring watch. The film concludes with a thrilling climax – the spectacular surfing from Damme Samb.

Paul Ward (Director) has created an engrossing film that showcases an amalgamation of creative talent. High praise to Deon Van Zyl (Director of Photography), his breath-taking footage will bring envy and admiration to his peers. Gavin Coetzee’s visual effects catapult the film into a whole different level of esteem. Production design (Wendy Fredriksson), color-grading (Joseph Bicknell) and editing (Xander Van der) are equally commendable. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 5 min

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