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The Salesman

An unmissable dark comedy with a retro vibe.


Writer/Director Richard Corso takes us deep into American culture with his dark comedy short ‘The Salesman’. Brent Podosek stars as Bruce Flynn, an anxiety-stricken salesman who attends a seminar to learn the tricks of the trade.

The short opens with a two and half minute zoom-out continuous shot, where we are introduced to our protagonist. Bruce (The Salesman) strikes up an awkward conversation with a waitress – wittily portrayed by Tiffany Tapp. His self-assurance is rock-bottom which provides frequent moments of tragicomedy – notably when his nervous disposition rejects her sexual advances.

At the seminar we are introduced to the eccentric preacher – a noteworthy performance by Cody Dermon. The preacher oozes the confidence Bruce lacks, as does Dale Dunn (Drew Russell) – a fellow seminar attendee who uses his sexual charm on female clientele. Bruce’s aspirations are real, but his lack of interpersonal skills sets him back.

‘The Salesman’ is a truly retro short with outstanding production and costume design that rewards us with a classic American feel. The considerate cinematography is equally astonishing as is the sound design and music. You can see a lot of talent and tender loving care has gone in to making this film, and that’s reflected heavily in the finished cut. Richard Corso (Writer/Director) has delivered a charming short that will certainly make you laugh – albeit at Bruce Flynn’s expense. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 20 min
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