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A poignant tale with an unexpected twist.


Stephen Cole Webley’s short film is a poignant and powerful exploration of the difficult and often taboo subject of mental health. The film opens with an aging man, played with heartbreaking vulnerability by Luis Dubo, awaiting the arrival of a woman in his hotel room. From this prosaic setup, the film spirals into a much darker and emotionally charged tale of pain, loss, and the myriad ways in which society fails those dealing with mental health struggles.

What sets this film apart is the strength of its writing and performances. The story is carefully crafted to unfold in revealing and organic ways, always keeping the audience invested in the character’s journey. Dubo and Daniela Ramirez both deliver fantastic performances, imbuing their characters with a sense of authenticity and nuance that is often hard to find in films dealing with mental health.

The technical aspects of the film are also noteworthy. Rasmus Heise’s cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful, capturing the nuances of emotion through subtle use of light and framing. The sound and editing are top-notch, working together to create a deeply immersive experience.

Overall, Webley’s short film is an important and affecting work that offers a window into the often-overlooked struggles of those living with mental health issues. It is brilliantly realized in every aspect and showcases the talent and creativity of its filmmaker and cast.

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Runtime: 10 min
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