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You Are Here

A moving tale of grief and letting go.


Jason Schumacher’s short film is a poignant and deeply moving examination of the complex emotions that arise in the wake of grief and loss. At the heart of the narrative is Martha, played with understated grace by Cynthia Schreiner, who is struggling to come to terms with her husband’s death.

The use of technology in the film’s premise – Martha’s ability to see her late husband through street view maps – is a clever and inventive way of exploring the ways in which we try to hold onto loved ones after they are gone. It offers a touching insight into the ways in which technology can be a source of comfort, while also highlighting the unexpected ways in which it can ultimately cause us pain.

The film is visually striking, with Max Sjoberg’s cinematography capturing both the mundane details of daily life and the haunting sense of absence that lingers after the loss of a loved one. The sound and editing work together to create a deeply immersive experience, further emphasizing the raw emotion at the heart of the story.

Schreiner’s performance is nothing short of brilliant. She conveys Martha’s grief and confusion with subtlety and nuance, creating a character that feels like a living, breathing human being grappling with the weight of loss.

Overall, Schumacher’s short film is a touching and deeply moving meditation on the process of grief and all the complex emotions that come with it. A must-watch for anyone who has grappled with loss.

You Are Here Short Film


Runtime: 14 min
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