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Where the Noise Ends

A powerful silent drama that explores mental health.


Written and Directed by Lee D Barnes, ‘Where the Noise Ends’ is a silent drama film that explores the contrasting mental health of two strangers. Daniel J Mullan stars as a suicidal man, with Jessica Kewley as his parallel savior. The film tackles depression with poignancy, avoiding unnecessary melodrama by omitting dialogue throughout. A visually engrossing drama that acts as a helping hand to those in despair.

The 5-minute film opens with a sorrowful young woman listening to the meditative sound of rain on her smartphone. The sound of rainfall transitions harmoniously with a shower ambience, where we see a depressed man drenching his misery. The drama intercuts with both characters throughout as they go about their contrasting day. As the man agonizes over his suicide letter, the woman gears up for a routine jog. During his outdoor suicidal attempt, the woman crosses his path – rewarding him with the power of hope.

Lee D Barnes has created a truly outstanding piece of filmmaking. A visual triumph that deserves appreciation. Daniel J Mullan and Jessica Kewley deliver remarkable performance throughout, despite the lack of dialogue and limited character interaction. Cinematography is equally outstanding, particularly during exterior scenes. The narrative powerfully explores the human embodiment of depression – in the form of coercive hands that control the victim. The objective of the film is to highlight how transformative physical health can be in the pitfalls of mental illness. Highly recommended.

Where the Noise Ends Short Film


Runtime: 5 min


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